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Instagram Email Scraper - How to Get a List of Instagram Followers

There are many ways to get an email list of followers from Instagram. In this article, we'll look at a few popular options. The profiles grabber, xEmailextractor, and profile mate are all good options, but you'll need to choose one that's right for your business. The tool you choose will help you target niche instagram accounts and influencers with a large number of followers.

Profile grabber

There are two main ways to extract data from an Instagram account: manually or with the help of an automated program called Instagram email scraper. Manually scraping Instagram data can be a tedious task, but with the help of an automated tool, it can be a breeze. The first method involves a downloadable CSV file. This file can contain the usernames and profile URLs of the accounts that you want to scrape. The second method is to use a scraping app to collect the information for your business. You can scrape the profiles of a given user and create a list of all the accounts they are following.


The IGEmail Instagram email scraper is a tool which lets you extract contact details, emails, and other details from Instagram accounts. The Instagram email scraper works with the public API. After collecting Instagram email addresses, you can easily export them as a CSV or PDF file. You can even export videos with the Instagram scraper. Once you have harvested the data, you can use the scraper to email market to your customers.


Using an Instagram email scraper can help you to collect an untapped source of leads. Instagram users are known to publish their emails publicly, which makes it one of the most effective platforms for email marketing. While it can take a full day to manually search for thousands of email addresses, the xEmailExtractor Instagram email scraper makes the process much more convenient. It automates the process of finding emails and saving them in a spreadsheet.

Profile Mate

Having an Instagram email scraper is essential for businesses that want to reach out to a larger audience. The platform can help you segment your audience by type, occupation, and interest. Profile Mate will help you do just that! It will also provide you with the names and contact details of the people who are following your competitors. It will then help you contact them and find out more about them. This can help you boost your business.

Is it legal to scrape data from Instagram?

A recent court case has raised questions about whether it is legal to scrape data from Instagram. The case involves the use of "clone sites" that copy people's profiles and posts without their permission. Meta has taken steps to prevent these sites from operating by disabling their accounts and denying them access to their servers. This case will also determine whether using fake accounts is illegal. In the meantime, we'll continue to follow the story and look for more answers to the question, "Is it legal to scrape data from Instagram?"

Is it fast

It is not a good practice to scrape email addresses from public sources. This is against the Instagram terms of service. However, you can purchase Instagram email addresses from third-party sources. In such a case, you should use a legitimate scraping tool and avoid fake ones. It is important to validate the emails you get, as 15% of them may be catch-alls or spam traps. These emails are not good for your business.

Is it cheap?

Is Instagram Email Scraper cheap? The cost of an Instagram email scraper depends on how much data you're trying to get from the account. The more detailed you want to get, the more expensive it will be. If you're trying to scrape Instagram data for a business purpose, you'll want to choose a tool that has a high success rate. For a fraction of the cost of a commercial product, you should consider using a tool like Fiverr. It's possible to find a professional who has experience with email scraping on Instagram and can offer a cheap service.

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